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Event Greening in HRM

As per By-Law S-600, the Solid Waste Resource Collection and Disposal By-Law, all events in the Halifax Regional Municipality must provide the necessary containers to allow for the proper separation of waste by visitors and staff at your event.

The Municipality does not supply garbage, organic or recycling containers or collection services for major special events.

It is the sole responsibility and cost of the Event Organizer to secure a contractor to supply properly signed garbage, organics, blue bag recyclables and fibre (paper/cardboard) recycling containers and collection services for these containers.

Halifax Solid Waste staff can be contacted for advice on ‘What Goes Where’, staff/volunteer training and suggestions on proper bin placement.  Email

What bins are required? Where do I get them?

  • Bins are required for separation of garbage, organics (green carts), paper and blue bag recyclables.
  • Colour coding bins can make it easier for people using them:
    • Black = Garbage
    • Blue = Recyclables
    • Green = Organics
    • Grey = Paper
  • Bins should be clustered together - never have a stand alone garbage can.

Event Source Separation Bins

  • Depending on the type of event you are holding, your waste hauler or venue may be able to provide you with bins.
  • Events may be able to borrow multi-stream sorting bins from HRM. For details email

Staff & Volunteer Training

  • Training sessions with samples of the type of waste you expect to be generated can be helpful for cleaning staff.
  • Assign some people to a 'Green Team' who will monitor bins and to answer visitors questions about how to sort their waste.
  • Use clear bags for all waste to avoid it accidentally going in the wrong bin.
  • Have staff check waste stations often to ensure nothing is overflowing - an overflowing recycle bin will cause people to put everything in the garbage.


When working with vendors it is important to let them know what is expected.  They should know where their waste goes and how to sort it.  It is a good idea to include this information (along with other 'greening' tips) in your vendor contract.


The following signs can be downloaded and printed:

English Français


Organics Matières Organiques





Other Event Greening Tips

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